About Us

Thank you for considering a Maleny Hamper Co hamper for yourself, or as a gift.

We are Simon and Marlene Murray. Long term residents of Maleny since 1998.

In the time we have resided in Maleny we have come to know and appreciate many of the incredible artisans that call Maleny home.

Now in our senior years we began the quest to look for a business model that we could sustain and grow from our home base

What could be better than creating a beautiful hamper box full of the artisan treats we are surrounded by.

We feel that there’s more to gifting than simply giving someone a gift and seeing the smile on their face as they unwrap what’s inside.

The anticipation and element of surprise.

The warm and fuzzy feeling that someone is thinking of you.

The joy and togetherness of the moment shared.

Whatever you want to say, you can say it with our hamper collection.

Maleny Hamper Co was visualised in 2020 and since then we have been perfecting our hamper box designs and sourcing products to wow you with.

We work hard to fulfil our orders as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours, and the Maleny Post Office team, who know us well, ensure our Maleny Hamper Co Hampers get off to a flying start.

We know you, or your intended recipient, will enjoy every item contained in the hamper.


Simon and Marlene Murray

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